Personal skills audit

A comprehensive approach that lets me know where I am professionally, and where to position myself in the job market.

  • I want to know where I stand after a redundancy or departure
  • I would like to find a job that suits me
  • I’ve done all that I can in this role
  • I want to change occupation
  • I have doubts about my career

A personal skills audit is:

  • Taking stock of your strong points and areas for development
  • Developing a clear view of your skills and potential
  • Clearly identifying your motivations and aspirations
  • Outlining a new professional project
  • Drawing up an action plan to implement your project


Career coaching

Every career path is marked by both moments of success and darker periods. Coaching to negotiate a difficult time can be helpful.

  • I can’t seem to reconcile my personal and professional lives
  • I would like to talk about possibilities for promotion with my current employer
  • I have a troubled relationship with a key person in my work environment
    I’m unhappy with my current work situation

Nos ‘career coaches’ sont tous issus du monde de l’entreprise et ont exercé des fonctions dans des environnements professionnels variés (Prestataires du secteur financier, Industries, Conseil, Fonction publique…). Ils sauront vous accompagner en prenant en compte votre réalité, vos enjeux et vos projets. Les coachs Qualia sont tous certifiés à la pratique du coaching et adhèrent au principe de l’EMCC et de l’ICF.


Job-search assistance

Valuable support in finding a new opportunity.

  • I don’t have time to look at different employment websites, and I’d like someone do it for me
  • I need some advice on writing my CV
  • I think that on paper I fit the job profile, but I’m never asked for an interview
  • I’d like to prepare myself for a final job interview
  • I’d like to increase my visibility on the job market


Job Interview Preparation

Advice from experienced recruiters

  • I’d like to perform mock job interviews to prepare myself
  • I’d like to know how I am perceived during an interview
  • I don’t know how to explain some rough patches in my career
  • I’ve had several interviews, but it’s never me that gets hired

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