HR Consulting

Our consulting services are focused on the following areas: integration of employees, skills management and development, talent and performance management. Our range of solutions extends from design (conception, design, and implementation of solutions) to interim management (temporary delivery of services).

Qualia’s consultants possess a large amount of operational experience in each of these areas and have a pragmatic, hands-on approach.

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Interim Management

More flexibility in your RH activities

Interim Management solutions are ideal to support your HR activities at an operational or more strategic level.  We outsource consultants that have expertise in all RH fields:  sourcing, recruitment, performance management, training… Thanks to their experiences, our experts will quickly understand your requirements and adapt to your specific environment.

Interim Management programs, according to their objectives, differ in duration and can cover a wide variety of subjects (from simple routine HR matters to complex one-shot projects).

Skills Management

A skills base to inspire behaviour

Qualia develops competency models from a co-construction perspective. We provide our clients with the best skills management practices and adapt them to their specific situation.

Our knowledge of skills bases means we can advise our clients of the type of approach to prioritize. We also work to avoid the classic pitfalls (e.g. bad segmentation of skills, vague wording).

Performance Management

Align individual performance and strategic directions

We believe that the value of a performance management process lies in its pragmatic nature, and in its ability to support the main lines of operational strategy. Qualia always starts its interventions by ensuring that the Board of Directors is heavily involved. Then, the design of the training model is established working closely with users and HR management.

Talent Management

Identify, manage and develop talent

Identification and management of talent takes various forms according to the size, challenges and maturity of the organization. Whether it’s a matter of designing overall solutions (measuring potential, talent mapping with the 9 Box model, succession planning) or more specific actions, we support clients according to their situation and needs.

Instructional Design

More than a training plan, a development strategy

Development solutions often go beyond just the area of training. Qualia helps its clients design the architecture of their development strategy: identification of training areas, key competencies, learning methods etc. Having a complete development system ensures that organizations can maintain the operational capacity of employees while optimizing investment in training.


Capitalize on internal skills by valuing experience

Qualia supports organizations committed to steps to ensure skills transfer. Mentoring, an age-old coaching technique, is built on a privileged relationship between mentor and mentee. The mentor, drawing on their own experience, puts into perspective the knowledge, skills and behaviour of the mentee. There is no standard approach to mentoring, because each organization has its own culture, specific roles and interpersonal processes.

HR Training

Qualia offers tailored training that enables the expertise within HR teams to be strengthened in the following areas:

  • Job interview
  • Competency-based interview
  • Career development interview
  • Evaluation interview
  • Skills assessment or evaluation
  • The HR Business Partner role
  • Internal customer relationships for HR functions
  • Crucial conversations
  • Instructional design
  • Implementation of personal management plans
  • Talent management
  • Training mentors within the organization
  • Implementation of a performance management process aligned with a company’s challenges
  • HR coaching as part of a business transformation
  • Creation of an overall training plan and implementation of budget monitoring
  • Introduction of the 70/20/10 model and personal development plans in several organizations
  • Completion of an audit of recruitment processes
  • Implementation of a skills management strategy and process
  • Development of a tailored competency model

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