Executive Coaching

Coaching is a time-honored practice based on simple principles like questioning, active listening, feedback, and raising awareness.

At Qualia, we provide our clients (individual or teams) with different coaching programs, designed according to selected development goals and identified problems.

Our coaches come from different backgrounds and training programs, and use very varied methods. They are supervised in their practice and adhere to the codes of conduct of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) or the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Individual Coaching

Take responsibility for your development, identify your resources

Individual coaching is a process of professional and personal development based on taking ownership of your own challenges, areas for awareness and resources. One of the conditions for a successful outcome of the process is that it is undertaken at the ‘right’ time for an individual. It is also important that the person being coached chooses the coach who is the best fit, due to both their approach and responsiveness.

Career Coaching

Don’t leave career choices to chance

Every career path is marked by both moments of success and darker periods. It is built on conscious choices based on the knowledge of one’s competencies, motivations and aspirations. Our personal skills audits provide clarity for these various points and support the transition.

Diagnosis & Team Coaching

Influence the system for sustainable development

Taking action on a problem within a team requires that we ask questions of both individuals and the system. How are roles distributed? What are the boundaries, both visible and invisible? What is the level of cohesion? How are rules, procedures, quality standards addressed?

To tackle these questions, Qualia draws on Berne’s Organizational Theory. This approach enables structured, accurate diagnoses to be made by integrating strategic, operational and relational dimensions. From this foundation, an action plan for team development can be drawn up.

Team Building

Create an alignment of strengths in ways that make individual weaknesses irrelevant” - Peter Drucker

Coaching a team provides them with moments for sharing and bonding that are conducive to the creation of a common vision and shared values. Working together better often starts with a better awareness of oneself, others and possible synergies. By using tools like Insights Discovery©, Qualia offers tailored solutions that combine individual and group training while allowing a team to be true to itself.

The best coaching practices with a particular focus on professional ethics and discretion

  • Team coaching to strengthen cohesion after reorganization
  • Team coaching to improve cooperation through a better understanding of synergies and different working methods
  • Individual coaching for all members of a management team to improve cooperation and support increased growth

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