Assessment & Selection

We deliver assessment solutions adapted to recruitment, internal promotion, development, and the identification of potential.

Our solutions are easy to use, backed by rigorous methodology, and based on more than 20 years’ experience in skills evaluation. The experience and training of our assessors ensure observations that are both accurate and that have high added-value.

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Executive Assessment

An evaluation method equal to the demands of the role.

When we evaluate the competencies of executives, in addition to an evaluation expert we engage the services of a consulting partner with management experience. They can approach the Assessment Center with professional experience of the role. This team of two assessors enable a leader’s essential skills to be evaluated with unequaled credibility and trustworthiness.

Recruitment Assessment

Accurate, objective information for make decisions

Our solutions are adapted to the requirements of the roles to be filled. Qualia provides tailored selection protocols (with varying levels of detail), to collect tangible information about how a candidate would fill a vacant post.

Promotion Assessment

Keep motivated internal candidates, regardless of who is chosen

We know that making a choice between internal candidates for promotion is a delicate operation. Qualia offers an external viewpoint. In addition to the evaluation exercise, we make the Assessment Center a time for development and an opportunity for dialog. This approach demonstrates to the professional being evaluated that the company is investing in them, and wants to retain them.

(High) Potential Assessment

Identifying potential helps plan for the future

Qualia identifies the resources that would be of specific benefit to certain employees based on their relative potential. We then coach them, providing training initiatives that will help realize their potential, while harnessing particular strengths and identifying derailers or weaknesses.

Development Center

A competency benchmark for setting development priorities

Qualia recommends that people undertake a Development Center at least once in their career. This solution is perfect for preparing a promotion, guiding your career path, or setting development goals ahead of a leadership or coaching program. This training day, structured around practical exercises and discussion, combines evaluation and personal development. This process strengthens self-awareness, and allows people to position themselves relative to the labour market (benchmark).

Feedback 360°

Other people’s perceptions as a driver of change

360º feedback allows us to better understand the impact of our behaviour on others. It is a valuable and courageous experience. This is why Qualia gives special attention to the context in which it is carried out, and the way in which results are reported. It is during feedback with a consultant that this solution really comes into its own.

Assessor Training

Qualia offers a complete training course for HR professionals wanting to train in the techniques of skills evaluation and the Assessment Center methodology. This course is comprised of training modules, practical work, individual coaching sessions, supervision, and interviews for the accreditation of prior experience.

  • Recruitment support by undertaking selection interviews
  • Development Centers designed to evaluate management/leadership competencies before a training program
  • Assessment Centers to validate the assumption of managerial roles (internal promotion)
  • Development Centers in a career management context


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