About Qualia Consulting

Founded by Stéphanie Dadoun and Séverine Barbette, Qualia is an organization with expertise in competency and talent management.

Its mission is to support the development of conscious leadership and to offer responsible HR practices.

Qualia is engaged in a dialog with its clients concerning their HR issues, and offers them tailored solutions in the areas of skills assessment, development, coaching and HR consulting.


years HR experience
in Luxembourg


areas of expertise
and service


consultants and experts


Assessment Centers
each year

Our Commitments


Act with awareness of self, others and systems


Open new perspectives and develop a clear vision


Develop innovative, concrete solutions


Build responsible relationships based on trust, autonomy and sharing

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What are
Qualia ?

(noun, pl.) properties of sensory experience
Qualia designate all of the direct impressions and sensations detected by our senses, at the present moment and of which we are aware.

For example, the unique redness of a sunset, the specific scent of a rose, the subjective tickling sensation in the palm of a hand at the moment that I feel it. But also the melancholy frame of mind experienced at this moment, or the immediate feeling of a strong emotion.

Each of these experiences has a subjective character, creating a specific effect that everyone can articulate but which no one experiences quite like anybody else. Our daily lives are full of these sensory experiences that produce subjective effects that we can’t fully explain to others.

These felt sensations are closely linked with our mental states and to the phenomenological aspects of our awareness.

Research &

Qualia is committed to the development of new tools and solutions. Regular discussion with a network of international experts and unwavering curiosity allows our services to be continuously adapted and improved.

Assessment Architect

We have developed an application that allows Assessment Centers to be conducted with a maximum level of objectivity. It allows observations to be catalogued in a methodical manner, and to document recorded evaluations with accuracy and precision. This tool is a real aid for an assessor, who can consequently devote all of their attention to the observation and development of the professional being evaluated.

Qualia Business Cases

In connection with our assessment activities, we have developed our own business cases to ensure the use of simulations adapted to the specific needs of our clients. All of our exercises are available in English, French and German. They are divided into several levels of complexity, and reflect as closely as possible the requirements of the various functions for which professionals are evaluated.

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